Aussie Kids Karate

Beginner to Black Belt in 36 Months

The Many Benefits

  • Perfect Balance
  • Flexibility
  • Strength of Character
  • Moto Neurone Skill Development
  • Goal Direction
  • Self-Control
  • Self-Confidence
  • Self-Discipline
  • Improved Physical Health
  • Deeply Satisfying Personal Achievement
  • Effective and Dynamic Self Defence

In Reality martial arts Black Belts are mums, dads, children, business people and families, just like you, who are looking for more than just a workout in their spare time. They are individuals with poise, self-confidence and character.

Exceptional Results

Australian Goju Karate has the most innovative and comprehensive martial arts program available today. Terry Carberry and his team of professional Black Belt Instructors have developed a safe and effective approach to martial arts training especially designed for the lifestyle of the future, making learning fun while producing exceptional results.

The Australian Goju Karate Advantage

Their secret is in their unique system based on 25 years of unrivalled national and international success ... and the structure of your training. You are taken through step by step in classes separated by age and level, adults with adults, children with children. You progress fast to a higher standard.

Family Atmosphere

The relaxed family atmosphere and the format of several classes per week, broken down into different levels, allows for adults as well as children to train in a style of martial arts that is streamlined to help you attain your personal goals.

The Introductory Offer

The introductory program is designed to introduce you to Australian Goju Karate. During your first lesson, you will be introduced to basic martial arts etiquette and basic martial arts philosophy. You will be taught some basic warm up and stretching exercises that you will be doing at the start of a regular class. During this first lesson, you will get an idea of how a class starts, what you will be doing during a class, and how a class ends. Adults with Adults, Children with Children At the conclusion of this lesson, you will be scheduled for your second lesson which will be a class with others about the same level as you, adults with adults, children with children.

Individual Evaluation

During the Introductory Program, the instructor will help you set challenging but obtainable goals, he will evaluate you according to attitude, desire, confidence, reactions, co-ordination, balance, flexibility and goals. On the basis of this personal evaluation, we will recommend the membership option most suitable for you and then fit that to your budget on an individual basis.

4 Easy Steps to begin

  • Read about our Introductory Programme - Completed
  • Choose the most Convenient Training Centre
  • Check the Timetable
  • Then Simply Phone 03 9886 9025 to make a booking

Moorabbin  - Torquay Room, Waves Leisure Centre Chesterville Road Highett

Kew  - Kew Recreation Centre, 383-401 High Street Kew

Mill Park - Mill Park Leisure Centre, 36 Morang Drive Mill Park

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